Interdisciplinary Journal Rural and Community Studies

IJRCS provides a platform for academics, practitioners, and community development experts to publish their findings.  We welcome articles that seek to provide empirical, conceptual, theoretical and opinions on current rural and community-related issues. It encourages discourse on interdisciplinary rural development, policies and practices, and community-related studies from the regional, provincial, community and global perspectives. Our interest is limited to thought-provoking interdisciplinary debates on the practical application of emancipatory, social, economic, political, environmental, local and urban influence/dominance, and resource allocation studies. The predominant focus is to seek articles that contribute to the sustainable development of the “disadvantaged”, towards emancipation and self-reliance. IJRCS also invites book reviews, reviews of applicable literature, and commentaries. 

This journal is considered as an outlet for intellectual scholarships for all disciplines, including but not limited to the following perspectives: READ MORE.