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Welcome to ERRCD Forum, the premier academic publishing house founded by the collective ideas of experienced scholars. Our experienced team of editors, researchers, scientists, and authors are passionate about making sure that our content reliably promotes up-to-date and evidence-based literature.

ERRCD Forum is a registered private and independent publishing house that specializes in excellent scientific publications. We are dedicated to publishing open-access journals, scientific books, and conference proceedings in education, rural and community studies, and social sciences. Our additional service include Language Editing & Proofreading Services.

ERRCD Forum welcomes author of academic works to publish with us. We also publish Conference Proceedings by other entities/organisations/institutions outside our company who is willing to make it freely available to readers. However, any form of publication done with us is immediately open to readers without charges. All our authors and/or entities will be charged a token for the life maintenance of their articles, books, thesis etc.  

What is ERRCD Forum?
"ERRCD Forum" is a shortened form of “Education Research and Rural Community Development Forum”.

Our Missions
  • We are devoted to promoting rural and community emancipation towards sustainable development. 
  • We are devoted to producing high impact peer-reviewed journal articles and other academic work in education, rural and community development, and social sciences.
What We Do
  • We sponsor and implement scientific research projects.
  • We publish peer-reviewed journals within scientific literature.
  • Promote and establish international networks and cooperation in education, rural and community development, and social sciences.
  • We provide open access to all research papers published by ERRCDF with no changes for readers, students and researchers.
  • We contribute to open access scholarly publishing in education, rural and community development, and social sciences.
Current ERRCDF JournalsHosting Library 
All our Journals are hosted by the University of the Free State Library and Information Service