About Us

About Us
Education Research and Rural Community Development Forum is a registered community of scholars focusing on the revitalisation of Education Research and Rural Community Development which aims to fashion a way forward in addressing discrepancies in rural education and community development, ranging from the disparities in inclusive education for social justice, resource allocation to rural communities, and rural schools (primary, secondary and higher education), support the marginalised rural communities, ensure gender and equitable society where rights are valued, respected and sustained, on special cases, essential services are also provided among others. Apart from these, we are experts in general education, leadership and management, policy formulation and implementation, and creating and managing educational organisations (such as schools). We provide training and retraining on teaching and learning, educational and community leadership, and research and development for individuals, groups, schools and any other educational and community-related institutions. See OUR SERVICES for more information. We also organise peer-reviewed academic conferences and publish their proceedings (See OUR SERVICES).  On our online platforms, we publish the internationally recognised peer-reviewed Journal Articles, Conventional Books, Conference Proceedings and conduct Language Editing & Proofreading Services.

Our Journal Aims and Scope

Our Journal, Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development is targeted towards rethinking Education Research and Rural Community Development, and is published on a continuous basis with two volumes per year. Accepted peer-reviewed articles should seek to provide either empirical, conceptual, or theoretical opinions on current educational and community-related issues. It also encourages discourse on interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary education and community development-related issues, policies and practices. The heading Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development is however interested in thought-provoking and intellectual debates on general education issues affecting primary, secondary and higher education in the global perspective. The highest consideration will be placed on manuscripts that address the challenges facing rural education and community development. To publish with us, click here.

Education Research and Rural Community Development Forum welcomes authors of academic and conventional books to publish with us. On our online platform www.errcd.com  we publish textbook, monographs, edited volumes, Theses and Dissertations, Book of Readings (chapters-in-books), hand-outs and conference proceedings by other entities/organisations/institutions outside our company who is willing to make it available online. However, any form of publication done with us is immediately open to readers without charge. All our authors and/or entities will be charged a token for the life maintenance of their articles, books, thesis etc.  See AUTHOR GUIDELINES.

Bunmi I. Omodan (PhD)
The Coordinator
On behalf of the Forum