Interdisciplinary Journal of Management Science (Up coming)

The IJMS is a scholarly platform dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of management science across various disciplines. This peer-reviewed Journal aims to facilitate the evolution of management science as a dynamic field with practical implications for diverse industries and promote innovative research that combines principles, methodologies, and insights from diverse areas to address complex challenges in the field of management. IJMS invites original research articles, review papers, case studies, and conceptual and theoretical opinions that align with its aim and scope. The Journal is tailored for scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in interdisciplinary approaches to management science, seeking to bridge the gap between theory and practice and contribute to advancing knowledge in the field.

Key Focus Areas

1. Interdisciplinary Research: The Journal welcomes contributions that integrate management science with various disciplines, such as economics, accounting, engineering, social sciences, and technology, to provide holistic solutions to real-world managerial problems.

2. Decision-Making and Optimisation: Manuscripts in this Journal delve into decision-making processes, optimisation techniques, and modelling approaches that enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and strategic planning in organisational contexts.

3. Supply Chain and Operations Management: This section covers research on supply chain design, logistics, inventory management, and operational strategies to improve resource utilisation and streamline processes.

4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Journal seeks to explore innovative practices, entrepreneurial strategies, and the management of innovation-driven enterprises to foster sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

5. Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour: Articles in this category address topics related to organisational behaviour, leadership, employee motivation, diversity management, and workplace dynamics.

6. Financial Management: Manuscripts focus on financial analysis, risk management, investment strategies, and financial decision-making in both corporate and public sectors.

7. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour: This section examines marketing strategies, consumer insights, branding, and market analysis to enhance understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends.

8. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Journal encourages research that explores the integration of sustainable practices and ethical considerations in management strategies, fostering responsible corporate behaviour.