Interdisciplinary Journal of Geography Science (Up coming)

IJGS is a scholarly Journal dedicated to advancing geographical science through interdisciplinary approaches to research. This peer-reviewed journal seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between human society and the environment, emphasising the integration of geographical concepts with various disciplines. The IJGS welcomes original research articles, reviews, methodological papers, case studies, and theoretical arguments that align with its scope. This journal is designed for geographers, researchers, educators, policymakers, and professionals interested in promoting interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative research that advance geographical knowledge and its practical applications in addressing global geographical challenges.   

Key Focus Areas

1. Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Manuscripts in this journal delve into spatial data analysis, cartography, remote sensing, and GIS applications to understand spatial patterns, relationships, and trends.

2. Human-Environment Interaction: The journal welcomes research that examines the intricate connections between human activities, societal dynamics, and the natural environment, contributing to sustainable development and resilience.

3. Physical Geography: Articles in this category explore natural processes such as climate change, landforms, ecosystems, and biogeography to enhance our understanding of Earth's physical systems.

4. Cultural and Social Geography: This section focuses on the relationships between culture, society, and geography, addressing topics such as urbanisation, migration, place identity, and cultural landscapes.

5. Geopolitics and Global Studies: Manuscripts analyse political and geopolitical dynamics, international relations, and global challenges from a geographical perspective, emphasising the spatial dimensions of power and influence.

6. Urban and Regional Planning: The journal encourages research on urban development, land use planning, transportation systems, and urban sustainability to address the evolving needs of cities and regions.

7. Geographical Education: This category promotes scholarship related to geography education, curriculum development, pedagogical approaches, and the integration of geographic concepts in educational settings.

8. Environmental Sustainability and Conservation: Manuscripts in this section explore strategies for environmental protection, resource management, conservation, and the preservation of biodiversity.